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What is Available

Move-in Ready

Flexible Adaptation

Fully Customizable


Move-in Ready

Recently Remodeled Finished Space

ADA Accessible Entrances and Restrooms

3,700 Square Feet (6 Private Offices, 2 Central Offices, Full Breakroom)

2,700 Square Feet (5 Private Offices, 1 Central Office, Breakroom)

Flexible Adaptation

More Flexibility for Personalization

Ready for Your Choice of Paint Color and Flooring

950- 3,400 Square Feet Flexible Office Spaces

Ready Within a Month

Several Configurations Available

Fully Customizable

Can be Remodeled to Fit Your Needs

Start with Strong Walls, Solid Floors, and New Roofing

3- 1,600 Square Foot Areas (Flexible and Expandable)

Combine Timeless Strength and Efficiency

Term and Price Negotiable


Whether you are looking to upgrade your space, or start a small business let us discuss the possibilities with you!

200 N 8th Ave E, Newton, IA 50208

(641) 792-1843

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